The MBFC is dedicated to football and our community. We strive to remain the community club of choice for footballers and their families in the Adelaide Hills and surrounds.

The club has the following key drivers that underpin & motivate our activities. We wanted to share an update with all players, supporters, sponsors, members and families of our core values and objectives in the community we serve and our future development directions.

Our Club responsibilities are to:

  • promote, advance, foster and cultivate the game of Australian Rules football.

  • assist in the educational and personal advancement of the community by means of development of a sense of fair play and love of sport, in particular Australian Rules football.

  • encourage, advance and assist in the development of an improved standard of physical fitness and belonging in all members of the community both individually and collectively.

  • educate, train, coach and encourage members of the Club in the game of Australian Rules Football so that all members have the maximum opportunity to reveal and reach their maximum potential.

  • encourage members of the Club to assist in the development of the game of Australian Rules football through service and volunteerism that promotes growth and wellbeing in the community.

Our values are drive us to be:

i.      Dynamic

ii.     Respectful

iii.    Selfless

iv.    Supportive

v.     Relentless


These are expanded upon in the pages below, which are aimed to inspire us to recognise we are in control of our destiny, and that we are a community team in pursuit of one common cause: the overall sustainability, growth and success of the Mount Barker Football Club and the valuable contribution it makes to the community and people involved.

Our vision is to strive to be the “Community Football Club of Choice”, where the very best people aspire to join our pursuit of excellence, unity, inclusion, strong sense of community and shared successes.

At the forefront, the overarching purpose in senior football is “to play to win”, whilst always adhering to our values and culture as detailed below.  Our strategy is focused on delivering consistent and sustainable top three performances at senior football level which will provide regular opportunities for premiership success.

While in senior football success is one important factor, we strive to be the leading club in the HFL for junior & senior AFL development programs that teach and develop football skills importantly, but also develop better people through a strong sense of community involvement and belonging to all players and their families.  The Mount Barker Football Club junior environment focuses on the individual development and equal participation of all junior footballers in a friendly, family environment.

The committee has reviewed and ratified the following six key strategic pillars which provide the fundamental framework and delivery of the Club’s balanced outlook & objectives.

Community clubs will continue to be defined by our people, volunteerism, involvement, a sense of belonging, our strong values and financial sustainability. We will be resolute in exploring opportunities for partnership and growth within the community and with our valued sponsors to provide facilities and opportunities that serve the community interests, develop football and ultimately better people and wellbeing.

To our members, sponsors and fans we remain a community and family club, where the environment is inclusive and supportive.

As a club we are extremely excited about our rich heritage and indeed our bright future as the Adelaide Hills region continues to grow. We recognise our responsibility as “caretakers” of this great club, which began nearly 140 years ago. We respect our past and aim to position the club strongly for future generations. Rest assured we will be relentless in delivering all elements of the plan outlined below and trust you will enjoy being an active part of this journey.